Chuck’s Produce & Street Market

Vancouver, WA 

This locally owned market is a popular attraction for residents with its focus on fresh and local produce. The goal was to create a market that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. AKS’s site design reflects this with rain gardens, pervious pavers, and native landscaping. Much of the project was completed under a Local Improvement District (LID). This project was completed for an independent and locally owned grocery store with many Low Impact Development features integrated into the design. AKS created a parking layout that was efficient, complied with ADA accessibility standards, and suited the client’s needs. The project is located within a Category I critical aquifer recharge area (CARA) and stormwater runoff enters a salmon-bearing stream. This rating prohibited the use of drywells and infiltration trenches for stormwater runoff from pollution generating surfaces (e.g.,  parking lots, sidewalks, roads, etc.)  Therefore, the site stormwater design included bioretention facilities with native landscaping and permeable paver parking areas. Clark County reviewed the SEPA checklist prepared by AKS to consider the environmental impacts of the project. AKS also took the lead in obtaining a NPDES permit to ensure that stormwater runoff during construction does not negatively impact the water quality of the stream. AKS managed the project from initial feasibility, design, and through construction. To keep the project on schedule, the new Clark County 60-day expedited review process was utilized.


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