Jesuit High School Site Improvements

Beaverton, Oregon

Working as a subconsultant, AKS provided civil engineering and surveying services for a project to develop a LEED-Certified additional building on the Southwest Portland campus of Jesuit High School. The site improvements consisted of erosion control, site grading for the 10,000 square foot building pad, sidewalk and parking lot improvements, and design of a stormwater facility for water quality treatment.  The stormwater regulations required that the stormwater treatment system be retrofitted to treat the runoff from the entire campus, so AKS’ engineers designed and sited underground treatment structures. The use of an underground stormwater treatment system allowed for additional parking area on the site, minimized the development footprint, and reduced overall construction costs. AKS’ professional staff provided land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and arborist services to obtain site development permits for this project. AKS also provided all topographic and property boundary surveying services for future additional school buildings. 


AKS Services:

Land surveying
Civil Engineering
Erosion control
Landscape architecture