Metro Canemah Bluff Road System


As part of Metro’s efforts to restore and improve this mature forest property, AKS conducted an evaluation of the existing road system and provided maintenance and decommissioning recommendations. Many of the existing roads were located too close to streams or other natural resources, while other roads required improvements to accommodate maintenance and fire control access. AKS conducted a harvest evaluation of nearly 13 acres of Metro-owned property along Highway 99E. AKS evaluated the condition of existing roads and designed and laid out 500 feet of new access roads as well improvements to existing roads. AKS provided recommendations to improve the main road and alternatives for various maintenance, reconstruction, new construction, and abandonment options of the other roads in the system based on metro’s available budget. The purpose of the new roads was to improve fuel management by providing immediate access from Highway 99E. AKS also performed a topographic survey and property boundary survey.


AKS Services:

Forest engineering
Value engineering
Topographic surveying
Boundary surveying
Construction administration