Tigard Urban Forestry Design Manual


AKS assisted the City with the development of their award winning Urban Forestry Design  Manual. The manual won the American Planning Association (APA) 2014 National Planning Excellence Award for  Best Practices for its “innovative, flexible, and incentive-based approach to urban forestry”.  The manual provides the City with clear direction on specific code requirements and provides standard drawings and specifications for future urban forestry projects. The manual was developed in conjunction with the Urban Forestry Code Revisions Project. AKS worked closely with City staff to develop detail drawings illustrating complex forestry, soil, and canopy calculations and specifications.  AKS also performed a “case study review” of the new code by applying it to 6 variously zoned completed projects with AKS evaluating the impacts of the new code including feasibility and its potential effects on the design and construction costs of projects. 

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