St. Maries Remediation Dredging

St. Maries, ID

St. Maries Remediation DredgingThis site, a National Priority project as listed by the EPA, is immediately adjacent to and within the St. Joe River in the City of St. Maries, Idaho. From 1939 through 1964, the site was used for peeling and treating logs that were soaked in vats of creosote. In 1999, under CERCLA, a clean-up order was issued to remediate the site.

AKS is working closely with the dredging contractor during this on-going project to provide hydrographic surveying services and equipment setup and calibration. AKS provided a survey to establish existing conditions prior to dredging commencement and another survey after dredging was completed to verify payment quantities. After dredging is completed, the entire underwater portion of the site will be capped with clean sand material, in order to contain any residual contaminants and protect this critical ecosystem. AKS also setup and calibrated a long-reach excavator (80 foot stick/boom system), which will be used to place the sand cap from shore. In order to meet project specifications and place the sand in the specified lifts, a sophisticated system involving three gyroscope sensors, a pitch/roll meter, and two GPS positioning devices was carefully mounted on the excavator, giving the operator a fully-automated picture of the exact bucket location and required design templates in 3D during construction.