Digital Realty Trust Data Center

Hillsboro, OR

AKS provided services for this new 50,000 square foot building planned for tenant NetApp. The 5+ acre site was previously a paved overflow parking lot for adjacent commercial and industrial complexes. The parking lot was demolished and 12,000 yards of material was excavated from the site to accommodate the new building and site improvements. Site and landscape improvements were designed for the high security nature of the building, ensuring clear views for security cameras and other safety considerations. The project included a loading dock for large trucks, a fueling station, and a backup generator yard, all designed to accommodate the turning movements of large trucks. The project was designed to accommodate future expansion and to obtain future LEED certification. The schedule was extremely aggressive, with notice to proceed on August 1, 2011, followed by Type II permit approval by the City of Hillsboro 54 days later. 


AKS Services:

Land use planning
Feasibility studies
Civil engineering
Landscape architecture
Land surveying
Erosion control inspection