3D Laser Scanning

Survey technology has afforded us the ability to easily measure a site or building with extreme accuracy. 3D laser scanning takes that to a whole new level. With 3D laser scanning, we are able to capture detailed information about any visible surface. With a quick scan, we are able to provide  data points that are used to model anything from a mechanical room or ceiling, to a bridge, building, or busy intersection. The technology allows our surveyors to collect this information quickly and without putting our staff in danger. The raw scan looks remarkably like a photograph. The points taken from various scan positions are then stitched together to form a complete point cloud. Using our scanning software, we can accurately measure between any two points in the point cloud, providing valuable information to designers and contractors. The information collected by our scanners can be used immediately. The point cloud can be imported into Revit or other BIM software to develop a model. We've found many applications of this powerful technology such as industrial/high tech facilities, complex mechanical rooms, commercial buildings, oil & gas facilities, sewer treatment facilities, streets and highways, and bridges.

Click here for a pdf of our 3D Laser Scanning.

Here is a project completed by AKS Engineering and scanned using our 3D scanning capability.



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