Flood Elevation Surveying & Permitting

Elevation Certificates and Letters of Map Change for Property Owners
Elevation Certificates or additional map change options may remove mandatory flood Insurance requirements on a property that appears to be at flood risk according to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). AKS’ Certified Floodplain Manager and Professional Land Surveyor, Robert Rettig, routinely assists property owners, developers, insurance agencies, lenders, and realtors to get an accurate measurement of where a property is located on or near a floodplain. Once mandatory flood insurance requirements are removed, a voluntary flood insurance premium can be purchased at a significantly reduced rate or removed altogether.

AKS Flood Elevation Surveying Services Include:

  • Feasibility Analysis – Finding the best solution for the property
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate – utilized to show existing conditions of a building and to establish an insurance rating. Click for FEMA Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet
  • FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA’s) – utilized on properties without history of fill. This is an application to challenge the FEMA maps to show a site is higher than the Base Flood Elevation (BFE – often referred to as the 100-year flood elevation). Methods to achieve are dependent on the site. AKS can provide guidance on the best fit.
    • LOMA-OAS (Out as Shown)
    • Metes and Bounds removals (portions of property)
    • Structure removals
    • Entire property removals
    • “A” zone removals to include the above
  • FEMA Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F) – utilized on properties with fill. Like the LOMA, this is a challenge of the FEMA map to show the site is higher than the Base Flood Elevation. Coordination with a community may be required to show that the fill meets the Endangered Species Act standards. See Endangered Species Act Compliance services below.
    • Metes and Bounds removals (portions of property)
    • Structure removals
    • Entire property removals
    • “A” zone removals to include the above

AKS has eLOMA certified surveyors and has the ability to get LOMA’s approved within 24 hours with some exceptions.
Types of projects AKS has completed:

  • Residential structures
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Mobile homes
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Platted lots
  • Portions of platted lots
  • Floodways

Endangered Species Act Compliance for Commercial, Industrial, Port Properties, Local Jurisdictions, and Agencies
AKS offers a unique Endangered Species Act (ESA) service with our expertise in FEMA and local floodplain permitting. The release of the National Marine Fisheries Services Jeopardy Biological Opinion on FEMA’s implementation of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in Oregon, included a set of recommendations for reducing the impact of NFIP-related development on ESA-listed fish which will likely generate a need for new ESA planning and compliance standards in Oregon for projects within the 100-year floodplain. The expertise of our certified floodplain manager, combined with the ESA and natural resource permitting experience of AKS natural resources staff, allows us to provide consulting services for FEMA floodplain ESA issues considering these pending regulations. Taya K. MacLean, Senior Biologist, is currently working with DLCD as a member of the Habitat Assessment and Mitigation Workgroup to establish guidelines for local communities to implement the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in a manner that is compliant with the Oregon FEMA Biological Opinion. AKS is also tracking ongoing regulatory changes resulting from the Biological Opinion.

AKS Natural Resource Permitting Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • ESA Compliance documentation memorandums
  • ‘No Effect’ and ‘Not Likely to Adversely Affect’ letters
  • Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations
  • Habitat Conservation Plans

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