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City of Sherwood Columbia Street Regional Stormwater Facility

This new regional stormwater facility improves water quality for an area that was developed prior to the enactment of current stormwater management standards. Unable to use the conventional approach of enlarging the existing culvert, AKS determined the best alternative was to place a 200-foot-long bore parallel to the existing culvert to construct a secondary outflow to significantly reduce flooding during extreme storm events. AKS also designed the plantings within the water quality facility to effectively function as a vegetated corridor, providing mitigation in place. To mitigate for lost fish passage, AKS worked with the City to locate a site nearby where fish passage could be improved. This design included the upsizing of an existing culvert to a bottomless culvert that would allow fish to pass through.


City of Sherwood


Sherwood, OR


2017 ACEC Engineering Excellence Honor Award