Aaron Hamilton Volunteers with EMI in Uganda

Aaron Hamilton of AKS Engineering and Forestry (AKS) spent time volunteering in Kiburara, Uganda with the Engineering Ministries International (EMI) organization earlier this summer. With the goal of designing a world of hope, EMI sends teams of design professionals around the world to assist Christian charities on-location in the areas of architecture, engineering, land surveying, construction management and more—all on a not-for-profit basis.

While in Uganda, Hamilton put his engineering and surveying skills to work designing stormwater and site grading plans for a primary school. He collaborated with another engineer, architects, and locals to design a step development plan to adjust current stormwater practices to make them more efficient, while avoiding erosion and flooding issues for neighbors downstream.

Many aspects of the project presented challenges for Hamilton and his team. The project site included up to 20% slope, the rainfall data wasn’t comprehensive, and the final design had to be simple enough to be implemented, while still being effective. In the end, Hamilton and his team were able to successfully create a master plan design that combined traditional and modern ideas. Hamilton enjoyed working with the local people of Kiburara and the overall collaborative effort of the design project.

AKS is proud of the contributions our staff make to local communities and the world. Aaron Hamilton is a great example and we applaud his efforts.