City of Camas Jones Creek and Boulder Creek Watershed Projects


AKS conducted a timber cruise for this 1,690 acre property that serves as the watershed for Camas. The cruise included preparing a preliminary logging and transportation plan and costs, timber cruise report, and timber appraisal report of the market value of the site. The cruise information was then used in developing a sustainable forest management plan for 1,090 acres of the site. AKS worked closely with the City to establish clear objectives and preferences for the land. The plan addresses forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat, fire hazard reduction and management, silviculture prescriptions, erosion control, public access, expected income from timber harvests, regulatory compliance, asset protection, and other management responsibilities. It specifically addresses management of the land above and below the water intakes on the site and will serve as a guide for future activities within the watershed.

See 2013 article published in Camas-Washougal Post-Record.

AKS Services:

Forest Engineering