Landscape Architecture

Our talented landscape architects provide the finishing touch to outdoor spaces, no matter the project size. We don’t just work with plants—we shape landforms and the built environment to suit the communities that will use them.

Creative solutions.

Landscape architecture is more than just designing planting and irrigation plans. Our team examines how spaces interact with each other and balances beauty with function, bringing creative solutions to outdoor spaces.

A collaborative approach.

Our landscape architecture team works closely with engineers, arborists, and natural resource specialists to ensure the right outcome for every project. This collaborative approach blends unique perspectives, talents, and experiences into a finished product where art meets science.

We believe in creating accessible spaces for every body.

Our landscape architects have extensive experience designing playgrounds that are inclusive to all age groups, levels of play, and abilities. Every person should be considered when shaping a built environment to meet everyone’s needs.

Landscape Design and Planning Services

Our landscape team collaborates with our other specialists to manage park projects from master planning to initial feasibility through construction.

Our team designs landscaping projects that utilize native plantings and active irrigation measures to conserve water, saving irrigation costs for long-term sustainability.

We take pride in creating open spaces that are functional, safe, and pleasing to spend time in. Our designs also consider the surrounding landscape.

Well-designed streetscapes, plazas, and other pedestrian areas should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and provide pleasant places for communities and neighbors to gather.

Our landscape architecture and engineering teams have extensive experience with athletic field turf conversion projects, athletic complexes, and multiuse fields. We work with school districts, park districts, and private developers.

We design and construct playgrounds inclusive to children of all ages and abilities.

Our landscape architects understand what works in our region and recommend the right native plants for a low-maintenance landscape project.

Our team can create detailed, attractive renderings of your project that clearly communicate the final vision.

Our landscape architects are an integral part of the team regarding community outreach. They regularly attend and manage public meetings to gather public feedback on park facilities and master plans.

Our landscape architecture and engineering teams regularly collaborate to design trails, parks, and greenway projects that enhance the user experience.