Construction Support Services

Our construction support team will deliver valuable resources before they are needed—all while delivering schedules, budgets, and expertise to ensure your project’s success.

Effective decision-making backed by experience.

Our construction team is committed to quality and takes personal responsibility for quick decision-making in the field to support and oversee projects in the most cost-efficient manner and within or ahead of schedule. Our team is empowered at all levels to look for ways to provide the best value to your project.

Solutions are looked at from every angle.

Our team receives ongoing training to stay current in techniques used in the field. They coordinate daily with engineering staff and have extensive knowledge of local conditions and jurisdictional requirements.

Resolve problems before they occur.

With any construction project, it’s easy for things to go sideways fast. Our team has earned a reputation for proactively identifying and resolving problems before they occur or become significant. We proactively collaborate with the owner, jurisdictions, contractor, and consultant team to identify and resolve potential issues before they cause delays or lead to change orders.

Pre-Construction Support Services

Our construction team can assess the suitability and potential of a particular site for your project and identify any potential risks or issues before you start building. 

Our estimators can provide accurate estimates and ensure your project stays on track and budget. 

Our construction team can review plans to identify potential risks before they become problems, saving you money and ensuring the safety of your project. 

AKS provides significant internal quality assurance and quality control reviews of all construction drawings before they leave the office for jurisdictional approval or construction. Construction management will confirm the math and calculations are correct, ensuring that the design can be constructed efficiently in the field and that the design achieves the best possible value for the project.

To verify the existing domestic water system and fire hydrant capacity, AKS can perform testing of fire hydrants in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 291 and local jurisdiction requirements.

We can produce a cost estimate at each phase of a project in support of sending it out for contractor bidding. Our staff have the field experience to efficiently determine the quantities and volumes of construction materials and time needed to support these project estimates.

Our team regularly works with local contractors in the field and over the phone. We can assist with preparing or reviewing bid documents, quantities and unit pricing, project contract manuals, and contractor proposals to aid in advertising projects and selecting contractor teams.

With knowledge garnered from years of experience in applying for, securing, and fulfilling jurisdictional permits and permit requirements, our construction management staff can quickly and efficiently support the preparation of permit applications and supporting documents.

AKS’ construction management team is well versed in knowing, reading, and conforming to the construction specifications of local jurisdictions. For private property development projects, AKS can prepare the construction specifications for a project, and the construction management staff can help prepare or review these specifications as part of the project package.

We can analyze your project to improve its overall value by eliminating unnecessary costs and identifying potential problems ahead of time.

A key component of the transition from office-created construction plans and documents to moving dirt and installing infrastructure in the field is a review of the drawings by construction management staff. This step ensures that the design can be constructed within the budget and scope of the project.

We can coordinate meetings with project stakeholders prior to the start of the project to discuss the scope, budget, timeline, and other details. This will ensure everyone involved is on the same page and that the project runs smoothly.

Our project managers will oversee all of your construction project’s moving parts to ensure that it’s completed accurately, on schedule, and within budget.

We’re experienced with organizing all the relevant activities required for construction projects to ensure that nothing is missed and your project is completed on time and within budget. This can include coordinating resources, tracking progress, and adjusting schedules when needed.

Active Construction Phase Management

As an owner’s representative, someone from our construction team can oversee all aspects of your project, monitor its progress, and ensure that the end result meets your expectations and specifications.

We can provide overall planning, coordination, and management of a construction project, from the initial planning stages to the completion of the construction.

Managing the legal documents and financial responsibilities involved in the process of a construction project is something our team often does. We can help track the project’s progress, ensure it complies with building codes and regulations, and assist in resolving disputes between involved parties.

AKS regularly works with specialists from other companies to perform tasks such as geotechnical field services and building code-required special inspections. Our construction management team works with the project contractor to ensure that these services are part of the contractor’s contract, included in the schedule, and are coordinated at key milestones throughout the project.

When a contractor submits a progress pay application, our staff can assist in reviewing the application against actual field progress the quantities that the contractor provided for payment, and ensure that the required minimum amount of retainage is withheld as these requests are submitted and approved.

Just like we can support pay application reviews, our construction management staff can also assist in reviewing change orders submitted by the contractor for work that’s outside of scope to ensure that it is correct and necessary for the project.

While the contractor is required to keep a set of drawings in the field to record “as-built” information, our inspectors also maintain a set of drawings where they document field changes witnessed while on-site to aid in the preparation of record drawings at the completion of the project.

Our team is highly experienced in evaluating construction projects to ensure they adhere to plans and specifications. We will conduct regular on-site inspections to ensure that the work is being performed in accordance with the building code and other regulations.

On-site project meetings allow our team to collaborate with our clients and ensure that everything is running smoothly, and they provide opportunities for quick problem-solving and decision-making, which helps our team ensure all aspects of your project stay on track.

AKS has extensive experience with ADA ramp projects, and we can conduct thorough inspections to ensure that yours complies with all ADA requirements.

A materials submittal review by our construction team will ensure that contractors provide the necessary materials that meet your project’s specific requirements.

Our construction team can review your project’s design, construction, and operational capabilities to identify potential risk areas so that these issues can be addressed before the site visit and review process begins.

While our construction management and inspection staff are generally not licensed engineers, we do have engineers on the team who can help coordinate potential and necessary field adjustments between the contractor and the Engineer of Record, ensuring that the project can move forward cost-effectively while still complying with the original design.

The erosion control inspection process ensures that all required measures have been properly implemented to prevent soil erosion. Our inspectors will visit the site and review records to verify compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Our team has worked extensively on projects in most local jurisdictions, so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in coordinating communication between the contractor and Engineer of Record, the contractor and the jurisdiction, or the contractor and the public. If necessary, we can recruit additional AKS staff to help establish or smooth these lines of communication.

We’re experienced with maintaining detailed records and tracking the progress and performance of construction projects. This ensures our clients can access the latest information and updates regarding a project’s timeline, budget, and quality.

Most of our staff have worked with local power, natural gas, and communications companies for many years. We’re sensitive to the communication, timing, and critical deadlines necessary to coordinate all of these contributors to a construction project, whether for private development or public infrastructure improvements.

By reviewing the contractor material submittals, requests for information submitted by the contractor, construction drawings, and specifications governing the project, our construction management staff can help the contractor ensure that the correct tests are performed at the correct times and by the correct specialized personnel.

Our construction team uses punch lists to identify, document, and resolve all deficiencies in a construction project prior to completion. Our attention to detail will ensure that your construction project succeeds and that any problems are quickly identified and resolved.

Post-Construction and Project Finalization

As-builts are a critical piece of the construction process. Our survey field crews will gather data from the field and check that data against specifications in the engineering plans to verify the project was constructed according to plan.

AKS’ construction management staff will monitor the progress of each construction project to plan for a final punch list and walkthrough, help compile a list of any outstanding items or corrections, and assist the contractor in understanding what needs to be completed prior to acceptance of the final product.

Construction management and support staff will track a project’s warranty/maintenance periods and schedule walkthroughs, coordinate with the contractor for any required repairs, and support closing the project once everything is complete.

The project manager and project support staff will work to determine the systems development charges due for a project and which charges might be eligible for credit or reimbursement if the developer constructs qualified public improvements.

In addition to preparing the building site, our team can provide a vertical construction liaison to coordinate and oversee the building construction process from start to finish to ensure that all vertical construction is completed efficiently.

Whether closing out a site work permit, terminating a 1200-C erosion control permit, finalizing a building, or working through the substantial completion and warranty period for new public improvements, AKS has project and construction staff who can aid in coordinating with the jurisdictions and finalizing paperwork to get the overall project to completion.