We can build the perfect team to fit your project needs, regardless of size or scale.

Our commitment to meeting client needs goes beyond just getting the job done.

Our team of professionals is cross-trained throughout all of our services–ensuring you meet your deadlines, catch opportunities for cost savings, and prevent the headache of connecting the dots yourself.

Five AKS Civil Engineers walking around a project site

Comprehensive Engineering & Forestry Services


Our engineering services span multiple disciplines—civil engineering, water resources, and forest engineering and rural road design—allowing us to understand and plan for the entire scope of the project.

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Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architects enhance a project’s beauty and functionality by creating outdoor spaces that reflect your vision and the natural environment while also considering the location’s functional needs.

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Natural Resources

In addition to understanding how to protect your land’s beauty and biodiversity, our natural resource team is familiar with local agency, state, and federal permitting requirements. They provide innovative solutions that balance your project’s needs with protecting the site’s natural assets.

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Construction Support

Our construction support team is composed of experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds—construction managers, civil engineers, certified inspectors, and arborists—who are knowledgeable in all aspects of civil construction projects and are dedicated to keeping your project on time and on budget.

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Consulting Arborist & Urban Forestry

Working in the Northwest, we know the important role trees play in our natural environment. Our arborists and foresters understand how critical it is to preserve trees, how to work within the various jurisdiction regulations, and the complexity tree preservation often adds to projects.

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Land Use Planning

Planning services are a critical element of most projects. Our planners collaborate with other disciplines and help you navigate the world of approvals, public process, permits, and code requirements to find the best path forward for your project’s goals and needs.

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Our team works with forest land owners, municipalities, developers, and state and federal agencies to understand the health and potential of your land. We provide assessments for sustainable land management planning, forest road layout and design, stream crossing and fish passage culvert design, and restoration plans. We create forest management plans that consider climate resiliency and stewardship.

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Our surveying team offers a range of methods for existing condition data collection using the latest tools and technology.