Aerial Surveying

Our FAA-licensed drone operators use commercial-grade drones to map nearly every project at AKS.

Cost-saving benefits compared to conventional surveying.

Drones cover large areas quickly, making them ideal for large projects.

Accurate products, regardless of the terrain.

Where conventional survey crews are limited to accessible terrain, our drone team utilizes conventional surveying methods in conjunction with aerial surveying techniques to produce deliverables that accurately depict two- and three-dimensional project sites.

Industry-leading software.

We can extrapolate highly accurate measurements from collected data using the latest technology in drones and 3D scanners paired with photogrammetry software.

Available Services

Our aerial surveyors can capture time-lapse videos of your project’s construction progress from start to finish.

Our aerial drone operators can perform on ALTA, existing conditions, logistics, feasibility, and other surveys.

Our aerial survey team can support inspections with drones that can access areas that would otherwise be difficult to inspect in person.

Volumetric surveys can be used for stockpile quantities or site quantities.

Digital surface creation gives a detailed model of your land’s surface.

Get a comprehensive model of any structure on your property. We use aerial data to create 3D renderings.

We can perform safe, detailed aerial inspections via drone, which allows you to see areas that would be difficult to view or access otherwise.

When you want to assess what was actually built vs. the original engineering plans, an aerial as-built assessment can give you a precise, accurate view of your finished project.

Aerial surveys provide a safe, highly accurate way to assess the damage after a disaster.

Our drone team can take aerial photos of your project for use in marketing materials to showcase the progress of your project or give a bird’s-eye view of the finished results.

Creating surfaces with programmetry can be cost-effective and strategic.

Lidar surfaces utilize higher sample density to very accurate surfaces.

By compiling multiple geometrically corrected aerial photos, we can create accurate maps of a given area, giving you a perfectly scaled view of your site.

Point clouds provide you with endless data that can be utilized as needed.