Natural Resources Management & Conservation

Our natural resource team provides innovative solutions to protect your land’s beauty and biodiversity while complying with local, state, and federal requirements.

We take natural resource permitting seriously.

Our natural resource professionals have spent over 20 years learning the details of local, state, and federal requirements, even participating in code changes. Our thorough understanding of regulatory rules and relationships with agency staff help local agencies and private property owners maximize the value of their land and investment while protecting the natural environment.

A collaborative, multidisciplinary in-house team.

Because our natural resource team is in-house, they work in concert with our engineers, surveyors, arborists, and land use planners to develop successful strategies that achieve regulatory compliance. Collaborating with other disciplines allows for a thoughtful and strategic approach that puts our clients’ needs first.

Expert delineators on disturbed lands.

AKS has extensive experience delineating, mitigating, and restoring wetlands on disturbed lands, including agricultural and former mill sites. These projects include creating turtle nesting and basking sites and managing non-native invasive vegetative species and vegetation enhancement plans.

Natural Resources Services & Environmental Solutions

Our team evaluates sites to determine whether wetlands or waters are present and where they are located. We then draft a report to submit to local agencies documenting the findings.

Our team’s deep understanding of federal and local codes and requirements, as well as our relationships with agency staff, save time and hassle and ensure that your project complies with all regulations and requirements.

Our natural resource team analyzes the potential impacts your project may have on surrounding wildlife, plants, and habitats to ensure protection measures are in place to protect vulnerable species.

We’ll help you identify, designate, and protect critical habitats on your land and take the necessary steps to achieve regulatory or permitting compliance.

Once wetlands or waters are identified on a site, our team develops plans to avoid or minimize your project’s impact on local wetlands and monitor the results. We see the project through by monitoring the results to ensure success.

Our natural resource specialists assemble the needed documentation for NEPA review processes.

We provide the necessary monitoring and documentation to ensure that your development complies with FAHP and doesn’t disturb delicate habitats or the migratory patterns of nearby wildlife.

Our natural resource specialists can provide expert testimonies at legal proceedings.