Consulting Arborist & Urban Forestry Services

Our certified arborists and forestry professionals realize your vision while responsibly protecting and maintaining our urban forests.

Non-biased third-party perspective.

We don’t profit from removing trees, so our recommendations consider what’s best for the project, our community, and the natural environment. Our team actively works with all stakeholders to make recommendations that are in the local community’s best interests and the urban forest’s health.

Knowledgeable, certified professionals.

Our cross-trained professionals are experts on the build process and reading design plans, resulting in fewer surprises. We ask questions upfront and perform in-house QA/QC based on background. Our staff includes ISA-certified arborists, forest engineers, experienced foresters, and LEED AP-certified professionals.

High-tech deliverables.

Our arborist team integrates the latest data collection technology with industry-standard software, including AutoCAD and ArcGIS suites, to prepare plans and report findings, resulting in accurate, detailed, and professional end products.

Arborist & Urban Forestry Consulting Services

Our arborists explain the characteristics of trees and create a plan for future plantings and tree maintenance.

Get a complete picture of the health of the trees or the entire landscape of a site.

Our arborists assess whether a tree is a hazard and find a solution that balances safety and preservation.

Our experts draft tree preservation, protection, and removal plans and help you navigate the permitting process.

Our arborists can serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings.

Protect the beauty and benefits of the trees in your community with an official tree ordinance.

A tree’s roots are vital to its health. We help minimize and analyze the impact on tree roots during construction.

We can show you the most effective or cost-efficient way to work with or around the trees on a site.

If you need someone to assess the value of the trees on a site, our consulting arborists and foresters can help.