Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership (LOTWP) Project Arborist Services

Project Completed: December 2016

City of Lake Oswego

The LOTWP provides water services to Lake Oswego, Gladstone, West Linn, and Tigard, and when it was discovered that the existing infrastructure required the addition of new water intake facilities on the Willamette River, the City of Lake Oswego needed an arborist team to observe the construction and ensure that trees were being protected. We don’t profit from removing trees, so the City was confident our findings would recommend what was best for the Lake Oswego community and the natural environment.


Our arborists provided on-call inspections for the City of Lake Oswego while the LOTWP performed upgrades involving multiple pipelines, as well as a water treatment facility, tank reservoir, pump station, and river intake projects. Our team diagnosed tree health and landscape problems, evaluated hazardous trees and assessed tree risk, provided construction monitoring, and recommended tree preservation, protection, and removal.