Forestry Management and Services

Our forestry professionals develop sustainable plans that meet your long-term goals for the project, land, and trees.

Forest management plan development.

Our forestry team considers your property’s health and potential and provides assessments of field layouts to implement. We create our forest management plans with climate resiliency and stewardship in mind. Our team also develops wildfire risk assessments and reforestation plans.

Timber cruising and sale layout.

Our foresters evaluate the value of your timber by considering the  characteristics and quality of the trees and their worth. Our reports include details such as tree size, characteristics, volume, and quantity.

Forest stand assessment.

A forest stand assessment identifies the diversity of species on your land, improves the health of the forest, and assesses the key ecological attributes and biodiversity of the trees.

Our natural resource
and GIS teams provide added value to your project.

Our natural resource staff understand agency, state, and federal requirements and have established relationships with agency staff. Our GIS technicians provide an in-depth look at your trees by providing more data about species diversity and the age and size of your timber.

Forestry Services for Sustainable Management

We can evaluate your forested property for potential wildfire risks such as high fuel loads, ladder fuels, and adjacent activities, and develop site specific recommendations to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic wildfire.

Our forestry team develops forest management plans with an eye toward sustainability, stewardship, and climate resiliency.

Proper reforestation is critical to the health of a forest. We can confidently consult on all phases of restoring your forest, from preparation to planting to vegetation management.

A timber cruise is an inventory taken on a specific land area and is a critical element of forest management. It is about more than just numbers. Our team of experts will identify the characteristics and diversity of your trees so that you know their true value.

AKS’ foresters define or re-establish the boundaries of your land or even subdivide it if needed.

Our team assists with all aspects of planning and executing your timber sales.

Protecting natural areas in the forest environment means determining what type of riparian buffer will best address your needs. We consider vegetation, soil type, and land use.

Our forestry team can serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings.

Our experts can help you keep our forests healthy, productive, and economically viable for future generations.

Harvesting trees involves many factors. We draft tree plans, set goals, and oversee timber harvest contracts.

Proper reforestation is critical to forest health. We confidently consult on all phases of restoring your forest, from preparation to planting to vegetation management.

Our team can demonstrate the cost and profit of harvesting timber.

Our arborists evaluate trees before a sale and identify potential problems or map out root locations before construction to protect trees from damage.