Metro Ennis Creek

Project Completed: August 2022

When Oregon Metro discovered existing culverts were failing in the forest road segments on the Ennis Creek property, they hired our team to assist in the evaluation of the road system, identifying what improvements were needed in areas they wished to maintain access and evaluate potential disposal site areas for segments Metro wished to decommission.


Our forestry team began work with Metro in 2016 to begin an initial site evaluation and suggestions for improvements. As part of our evaluation report, we created detailed notes and a corresponding map highlighting the locations mentioned in the notes. After preparing the evaluation, our team put together a construction cost estimate for the suggested improvements, intending to “mix and match” various road repair and decommissioning options and lengths to estimate the costs for any scenario Metro desired.

Metro approached our team again in June 2022 to prepare a decommissioning plan for the existing forest road segments by removing culverts and fills, and restoring stream channels. Full specifications were drafted for the different decommissioning activities, and maps were prepared to share their locations.

After the final consultation, Metro took our findings and eventually returned to AKS for construction support (provided by the same team who prepared the initial evaluation) to oversee the decommissioning project on the property. Support included attending meetings with the contractor, performing routine inspections of construction activities to ensure compliance with the plans, reviewing contractor material submittals, and performing a final inspection after completion.