Reed’s Crossing

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At 465 acres, Reed’s Crossing is Oregon’s largest mixed-use master-planned community. This multiphase development will eventually include 2,000 single-family homes, ranging from 1,700-square-foot townhomes to 6,000-square-foot detached single-family lots. Located in South Hillsboro, Reed’s Crossing offers residents a variety of local restaurants, shopping centers, and parks and trails. The planned community provides a unique feature unlike similar developments: within the bounds of the community, residents can enjoy a variety of conveniences like grocery stores, outdoor trails, parks, public artwork, natural spaces, community gardens, and even an amphitheater. The development will also include over 1,600 multifamily units in several separate apartment complexes, commercial Town Center, Providence Wellness Center, a retirement community, two schools, two neighborhood parks, and numerous homeowners’ association (HOA)-owned and -maintained outdoor parks, open spaces, and amenities. These features, combined with the community’s size and scope, make Reed’s Crossing stand out among other comprehensive residential plans. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy all that Reed’s Crossing has to offer.  

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Our entire project team has worked with Washington County, the City of Hillsboro, and Hillsboro School District, as well as other local agencies, to design local roadways, arterials, roundabouts, collector and arterial intersections, stormwater facilities, neighborhood parks, and public stormwater, sanitary, and water utility infrastructure. Additionally, we worked with multiple land developers to plan and design a new school, medical facility, commercial center, and diverse residential communities. Because of the sheer scope of this project, each service sector of our multidisciplinary team has contributed to its success.

From master planning to preliminary design to construction management, our service sectors have collaborated from the start to help bring this groundbreaking community to life.

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The Reed’s Crossing development is shaping up to be one of the largest and most exciting new communities in the Hillsboro area, and our planning team has been instrumental in turning this vision into a reality. They were first on the job during the preliminary phases of this expansive master-planned project, reviewed the current land use approvals and master-planning documents, and developed a preliminary outline for obtaining the land use approvals for the coming phases. Planners worked on the conceptual designs for land use, open space, circulation, and transportation, balancing desired density with community amenities for future residents. 

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During the early phases of the master plan, our planners worked closely with Newland to identify challenges in the architectural review process. They devised a system for the developer and the City to review and approve each home design to ensure it met City and HOA standards. Our planners also worked with other disciplines, including the survey, landscape architecture, natural resources, and arborist teams, to create a complete and holistic design for the master plan of the development. Planners navigated the layers of regulation to ensure the Reed's Crossing master plan vision was carried out through each phase and each approval in a timely manner.

Additionally, our planners attended neighborhood meetings and public hearings to provide guidance through every step of the land use process. Through each subsequent phase, our planners coordinated with various stakeholders and decision-makers to obtain land use entitlements that can be effectively implemented and ensure the successful construction of the master plan.


Residential Development 

Our aerial surveying specialists assisted our teams across various development phases of the envisioned community. They captured data using specialized drones equipped with industry-recognized cameras and laser-scanning technology. This data were further used to create orthomosiac imagery with survey precision to be utilized in planning and developmental maps (property line adjustments, right-of-way changes, proposed layouts, future roadways, and bridge replacement feasibility). In addition to imagery, the aerial data captured topographic information each time data were collected. This information gave the development team an updated dataset and a sense of project progression that allowed them to make informed decisions on how to modify the layout and allocation of infrastructure as well as resources. 

The innovative integration of our aerial surveying team catalyzed the swift and efficient progression of the project. 

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Transportation Improvements

The Reed's Crossing development required site access routes for future roadways, and our aerial surveying team provided site assessments prior to some phases and throughout the project. Specifically, they helped determine the position and placement of the Cornelius Pass bridge by using drone video and landscapes to understand the flow of the environment and natural topography. Orthomosaic maps were presented to the teams and helped determine the best solutions under different conditions.

A large corridor of road on SW Farmington Road was also expanded and improved due to the increase in traffic density in the area. Another drone flight was performed, documenting existing features and mapping support. The data received on this flight also sped up our topographic survey deliverables so that this information landed in the hands of our engineers, enabling them to begin design work even sooner.


The construction surveying team staked out reference points and markers on-site to guide the construction of new structures throughout the development, such as roads and buildings. Due to the massive scope of the planned community, our construction surveying team assigned a survey crew solely to this site for various project phases. This allowed the team to gain familiarity with the site and provide coordination with the design team and general contractor.  

Throughout the many phases of development, the staking crew was an immensely valuable point of reference between the engineering team and the contractors when plan revisions were issued. The team provided an as-built survey to identify any modifications made to the plans during construction and established the location and alignment of roadways and existing buildings. 


Our construction support team has worked closely with Washington County, the City, developers, school districts, and other contractors throughout the life of multiple community neighborhood planning and design projects. They provided constructability input and value engineering solutions in coordination with City inspectors and developers by attending weekly meetings and site visits.  

Throughout the project, our team conducted full-time field inspections, reviewed contracts, made amendment recommendations, and reviewed cost estimates for the City and general contractors. They also developed credit packages after reviewing the City’s cost estimates. Material sourcing was a particularly challenging task with the supply chain constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team evaluated cost breakdowns, provided a revised estimate, and recommended payment and change orders.  

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Our inspectors also assisted in the contractor selection process by providing the bid packages, including plans, a geotechnical report, a bid memorandum, quantities takeoffs, and other materials. After receiving the bids, our team reviewed and tabulated the contractor bids and discussed the details with the City. Once contractors were selected, our team attended the pre-construction conference with the City, developers, and contractor. During the construction phase, our inspectors addressed contractor requests for information (RFIs), reviewed and approved contractor submittals, performed project inspections and any required DEQ 1200-C inspections, and assisted with Employee Retention Credit (ERC) site management.


For each development phase to date, our team has performed a health, condition, and species assessment of every tree to determine which trees would be assets to the development. Our arborists then coordinated with the engineering team to determine tree removal and preservation. We designed tree protection specifications for each phase to protect the trees that were to be preserved. We also performed arborist observation during construction to assess tree impacts and worked with the contractors to coordinate alternative construction methods to protect the trees where needed. 


Our engineering team provided services to create new public infrastructure to support the new homes within Reed’s Crossing, as well as private infrastructure for the Tamarack Elementary School, multiple HOA- and City-owned parks, multifamily projects, and the Providence Wellness Center. AKS’ team has designed a series of 12 regional stormwater facilities to provide water quality treatment and detention of stormwater runoff from these communities to minimize the impacts of the development on adjacent streams and creeks. Throughout the project, AKS has helped to develop public-private partnerships between the City of Hillsboro, Washington County, Clean Water Services (CWS), and other private developers to construct significant roadway and intersection projects and public parks.


The Reed’s Crossing master-planned community boasts over 80 acres of greenways, trail systems, open spaces, unique amenities, and parks, providing every resident access to various recreational opportunities within a quarter-mile radius of their home. Shared community spaces encourage outdoor living with fire pits, gardening, barbecuing, yard games, and seating areas to foster a strong sense of community. Our design team and Newland Homes carefully designed these spaces to create a welcoming experience that is uniquely “Reed’s.” 

The 20-acre neighborhood park is the centerpiece of the Reed’s Crossing community and boasts a large playground with natural play features, embankment slide and play hill, public artwork, picnic pavilion and amphitheater landform, dog park with all-season K9 turf, community garden, and many quiet contemplation and viewpoint areas. The regional trail network connects the park to the community and the larger South Hillsboro area.


Our land surveying team performed topographic surveying work for the entire 460-acre property. This survey work was the basis of the developer Newland’s design for the proposed Providence Family Wellness Center within the Reed’s Crossing planned community. Our team took over survey work from another firm in late 2018, finishing the second and third plats that had already been recorded. Because another surveyor had already recorded the first plat, parts of the area surveyed were already under construction. In addition to recording the remaining plats, our team performed the topographic survey for the Providence Family Wellness Center. This wellness center is located on the west side of Cornelius Pass Road, the new southern “gateway” running south of Tualatin Valley Highway to the new east-west connection of Blanton Street that had recently been opened by the City and County. These two streets run through the heart of this project site. The Reed’s Crossing Greenway, located along the south side of the first plat, was mostly complete, but we had to perform as-built and topographic surveying on several parts of this greenway to add to it at the east end and tie into it along the south side.  

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Our team verified all monuments had been set, or set ourselves, and completed the post-monumentation for the first plat. This included monumenting the rights-of-way for Cornelius Pass Road and Blanton Street.

We also established the outer boundary of parcels, reset monuments destroyed during construction, and set the monuments for the right-of-way dedication. Our surveyors found and tied all existing survey monuments in the phases we took over and on the entire project boundary.

Our team recorded the final subdivision plat, set monuments at all lot corners and required street locations, and recorded the post-monumentation affidavit with the county.