Washington State University Vancouver Tree Inventory

Project Completed: January 2022

WSU Vancouver

WSU Vancouver (WSUV) is a small satellite campus of Washington State University, with its central campus based in Pullman, Washington. Located on top of Mount Vista and enveloped by trees and a beautiful east-to-west view of Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens, WSUV is a beloved institution of Salmon Creek. In 2021, WSUV requested a tree inventory and contracted AKS to perform a full-scope analysis of the trees located on school grounds. Thanks to our team’s efficient execution during data setup and capture, WSUV was able to begin its next project several months early using the additional data we captured during this project.


Our team of arborists conducted the fieldwork to collect tree health, size, species, and other factors for each tree. The campus is home to 1,067 trees (as of our inventory in 2021), and it only took our team four days to finalize the complete inventory thanks to the internal collaboration between our geographic information systems (GIS) and arborist teams.


Our GIS specialists created a custom Field Maps form with answer-driven fields and trained our arborists to use the app with a Trimble GPS unit to capture accurate spatial data during fieldwork. After the arborists collected data, our GIS team reviewed it for spatial and tabular accuracy before preparing and transferring it to WSUV.