Civil Engineering Firm

Our civil engineers provide tailored, innovative solutions for even the toughest projects, efficiently delivering quality work while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Innovative solutions designed for your project goals.

Our collaborative team of over 350 professionals takes a solutions-oriented approach to tackle even the most challenging projects, tailoring innovative solutions to each project’s unique circumstances, site conditions, and goals.

Quality work delivered efficiently.

After being in the business for over 25 years, we’ve learned things along the way. Our processes and quality-control methods stand the test of time, ensuring that meeting your deadlines never means sacrificing quality work.

Regular and open communication.

We believe in a “no surprises” communication style and work hard to keep you informed throughout the project.

Civil Engineering Services

We are known experts in site planning and design. Our team can assess all the various site conditions and environmental factors to determine the best way forward so that your project is built to last.

Our engineers assess the state of existing infrastructure before beginning the design of new infrastructure. Once designed, we follow through by coordinating installation and providing inspection.

Site grading and erosion control require attention to detail and thoughtful consideration of the site’s existing topography. Our design includes creating an erosion control plan and implementing measures to protect against potential damage from flooding and erosion.

Streets and intersections serve many users—cars, bikes, public transit, and pedestrians—while considering the surrounding environment. We collaborate with local agencies and private landowners to get street and intersection improvement projects completed on time and within budget.

Through designing thousands of sidewalk and ADA ramp design projects over the years, we know how to make these accessible for everyone while meeting stringent design requirements.

With the growing trend of converting sports fields to turf, our team has emerged as a leader in this market. Field conversions reduce maintenance costs and allow fields to be used year-round.

Our team assesses, designs, and coordinates water and fire systems to ensure their safety and efficiency. We evaluate existing systems and recommend changes or upgrades to ensure they are up to code.

AKS has worked on various sports fields and complex projects for municipalities, school districts, and private developments. We understand the unique design challenges and considerations of this type of project.

When designing transportation systems, our team assesses their impact on the surrounding communities, manages the permitting process, and identifies other impacts to be considered.

Our experience working on countless pedestrian bridges and trail designs means we know how to best execute all aspects of these projects, from evaluating the feasibility of the bridge, designing the bridge, managing its implementation and maintenance, and ensuring it meets all safety standards.

Culverts and stream crossings are a critical part of a site’s infrastructure. We design culverts that meet your project’s requirements while supporting affected fish, wetlands, and wildlife.

There is typically more than one way to meet a site’s infrastructure needs. Our engineers assess different methods to accomplish your goals and identify the most suitable option, balancing cost, feasibility, environmental impact, and other factors to determine the best path forward.

Our vast experience with parking lot projects allows us to create efficient parking layouts that comply with ADA accessibility standards and suit clients’ needs.

Proper maintenance of paved surfaces will slow the natural deterioration of regular use. Our experience with asphalt overlay work and crack sealing/slurry sealing helps keep pavement well-maintained and safe for years to come.

During the construction phase, our team can assist in the bid opening process to help you assess bids and determine the best subcontractor for the project.

Our years of experience have given us insight into what factors to consider when evaluating and designing stormwater systems, such as environmental impact, public health, and mitigating stormwater’s negative environmental impact.

We use hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analyses to ensure your infrastructure project is safe and functional. We can identify potential issues by simulating real-world conditions and make informed decisions to optimize design and construction.

Our technical expertise and experience with wastewater projects ensure your conveyance system is designed safely and efficiently to meet local regulations and requirements.

Our project managers effectively handle all the moving parts of your project to ensure it is successfully completed on schedule and stays within budget.

Our experienced engineers collaborate with our construction team to prepare comprehensive and accurate cost estimates for your small or complex project.

After years of working with local cities, counties, and municipalities, we’re well acquainted with the processes for obtaining construction permits for your projects and can do so in an efficient and timely manner.

Our team oversees projects from start to finish to ensure quality and safety standards are met. Our construction team provides an extra layer of confidence that the project is being built correctly by conducting periodic inspections to verify subcontractors adhere to construction plans.

The as-built drawing we provide will show the finished project vs. what was originally planned/proposed. The plan shows design changes, modifications, or other differences so you have clear documentation of the final product.

Our civil engineers make maintenance recommendations for your finished project to ensure it stays structurally sound for the longest time possible.