Brookman Area Trunk Sewer Extension – Phase 2

Project Completed: April 2022

In 2017, when a part of the Brookman Addition Concept Area in south Sherwood was annexed, it became necessary to extend the Brookman Trunk Main to provide service to this region, along with the Sherwood West and South Urban Reserve areas. Our team worked with Clean Water Services (CWS) and the City of Sherwood to facilitate the main’s extension to serve the new Sherwood High School in the recently annexed portion of the Sherwood West Urban Reserve. Our multidisciplinary design team consisted of civil engineers, surveyors, natural resource permit specialists, land use planners, and construction support managers/inspectors.


Working in conjunction with CWS, the City of Sherwood, and a private developer, our team completed the design for a 1,400-linear-foot, 18- to 21-inch-diameter sewer main extension along the banks of Cedar Creek to serve the future developed upstream basin.

During the project’s initial phase, our engineers provided CWS and the City with an alternatives analysis that included basin delineations, land use zone district estimates, peak flow calculations and preliminary pipe sizing, and alternative trunk main alignments.

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After the alternatives analysis was approved, our engineers began the preliminary design that included a wetlands delineation, natural resource assessments, geotechnical and cultural resource investigations, and refinement of the trunk main alignment to minimize impacts on properties, minimize depth, and maximize the flexibility of the main, allowing it to be extended to serve future properties.


Our construction staking team was responsible for identifying and mapping out the exact boundaries and project locations for the Brookman Trunk Main extension.