Hydraulic & Water Resources

Water plays a vital role in our environment and we are actively helping communities plan for a sustainable future.

Catered to your project’s needs.

Our water resource engineers focus on your project’s unique technical, budgetary, and scheduling requirements to provide custom civil engineering solutions for planning, evaluating, and designing improvements.

Technology to give you precise results.

AKS provides general hydraulic modeling and open-channel and hydro-dynamic modeling capabilities from an upper watershed down to tidal estuaries and coastal systems. Our geomorphic sediment dynamics services can help provide low-tech restoration, lower approaches, and more natural solutions for any project.

Support to fit any requirements.

Our in-house experts provide varying degrees of support, ranging from data collection, analysis, and modeling to engineering, design, and construction support. Our team can develop a comprehensive plan to meet your budget and project needs.

Hydraulic & Water Resource Engineering Services

Our engineers assess current water conservation capacity and identify areas for improvement. They also help implement water conservation plans, monitor water use, and create reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your conservation efforts.

A resiliency study identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities in a project. With this data, our team develops strategies to mitigate potential risks.

Our staff provides grant writing guidance and consultation, helping you research and secure available funding for projects.

Our in-house natural resource team works closely with our engineers to identify, designate, and protect critical aquatic wildlife and habitats and take necessary steps to achieve regulatory or permitting compliance.

Our team provides guidance on local, state, and federal permitting requirements for shoreline and in-water projects to ensure projects comply with all applicable regulations.

AKS engineers design culverts, aquatic organism passages, and fish passages that meet project requirements while protecting the affected fish and aquatic organisms.

Our team conducts environmental remediation studies to identify and mitigate water pollution and develop strategies to protect and restore the health of aquatic ecosystems.

AKS conducts water quality monitoring and assessments to identify pollutants, determine the health of aquatic ecosystems, and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.

Regarding water rights assessments, permitting, or support, our engineers are familiar with all the processes and agencies involved in getting the permits or support you need.

We use state-of-the-art software and hydrologic modeling techniques to create a stormwater system design that meets your needs while minimizing environmental impacts.

Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling helps identify potential flooding and erosion risks. We can use this data to develop a plan to reduce those risks.

We use channel modeling software to simulate water flow in open channels and through culverts, bridges, and other hydraulic structures to demonstrate basin and channel scenarios for your project.

Streams and wetlands are homes to diverse aquatic life and are vital to the environment’s health. Our team is experienced in developing plans to restore degraded streams, habitats, and wetlands.

Our water resource engineers conduct no-rise studies, floodplain permitting, and elevation certification to assess an area’s potential for flooding and recommend solutions to ensure your project avoids creating situations that could cause unsafe water levels.

Our team has the experience and expertise to develop cost-effective bank stabilization and erosion control plans that serve the needs of your project and meet regulatory requirements.