Forest Engineering & Rural Road Design

Designing forest access and rural roads requires specialized knowledge, and our forest engineers excel at it.

Rural road design on tough terrain.

Our team plans and designs rural roads that consider wildlife and environmental factors while providing cost-effective timber harvesting and transport access. We also aim to minimize soil erosion and disturbance to the natural environment.

Road decommissioning to restore natural habitats.

Restoring unneeded or unsafe roads to a more natural state can improve infiltration and restore native vegetation and ecological processes to the area. Our forest engineers determine the best way to stabilize the area around the decommissioned road, increase vegetation, and reduce soil erosion.

Planning expertise for sustainable Pacific Northwest wineries.

AKS works with dozens of wineries performing site grading, erosion control, stormwater design, topographic and site surveying, and construction oversight. Our team helps wineries support the biodiversity of the surrounding area while also managing soil structure and water retention.

Forest Engineering Services

A properly designed road is essential to timber harvesting and forest access. Our forest engineers account for environmental and economic factors when designing forest roads

Culverts and stream crossings are critical parts of roadway infrastructure. We design culverts that meet your project’s needs and the roadway’s demands while supporting affected fish, wetlands, and wildlife.