Construction Surveying

Our construction surveying team bridges the gap between designers and builders.

Our construction surveying team connects the design to the constructors.

Unlike other surveying companies, we have a dedicated construction staking team. Staking requires unique skills, including understanding and interpreting data and lateral and logical thinking.

Problem analysis.

You depend on accurate survey stakes to build, so we developed workflows and internal quality controls to ensure your projects are built accurately to plan. Our surveyors are responsible for making decisions in the field and analyzing the challenges that arise.

Rapid response.

It’s not uncommon for a project to need last-minute staking support. Our team is equipped with field and office personnel to quickly adjust schedules in the office and field to meet the project’s needs.

Construction Surveying Services

We’ll consider all relevant factors—such as the number of required survey points, the size and scope of your project, the time needed to complete the job, the availability of equipment, and any other elements—to provide an accurate construction staking estimate.

Our construction surveying team has the ability and resources to produce accurate, reliable models for various uses in a wide array of formats.

When you want to see how your finished project was actually built, we can create as-built drawings that accurately depict the finished dimensions, locations, and details—including utilities, ducts, pipes, and more—so you can evaluate the results.

Our survey team performs all the needed tasks for foundation verification, including measuring the location and elevation of foundation points, verifying the layout of the foundation components, and identifying any potential issues that may impact the foundation’s construction and stability.

Some jurisdictions require as-built surveying of constructed infrastructure, most commonly underground pipes for sanitary or storm sewers, upon the completion of a project. We utilize different technologies best suited for each project.

Waterway construction staking ensures that a waterway or canal follows the desired path and is built to the correct specifications.

Our surveyors can establish a precise control network for your construction project to ensure that it is built accurately and according to plan.

Our team’s experience allows for precisely measured distances, angles, and elevations to quickly and accurately lay out a construction project.

Surveying and staking the route and ensuring that all elevation points, grades, and distances are accurately documented is crucial to ensuring your building addition is built correctly and meets all safety standards.

Building staking comes in different forms. Our construction surveying team reviews the plans provided and fits the most efficient practices to get this set up and staked accurately. Building staking is often done for residential properties, but also large projects that may stake in a grid format.

Any commercial building needs professional construction staking to ensure it is up to code and safe for the public. Our team is well versed in local codes and all the necessary safety requirements.