Fieldstone Park at Petrosa

Project Completed: Winter 2023

Pahlisch Homes

Fieldstone Park is currently being built by Pahlisch Homes within the new Petrosa development to meet the needs of residents in this northeast Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion area and fulfill the Bend Park and Recreation District’s (BPRD) need for a park in the region. Once construction is complete, Pahlisch will pass ownership of the park over to BPRD, and it will be connected to BPRD’s growing canal trail network. 


Our team of expert landscape architects worked diligently to ensure that the park’s design provided a unique outdoor experience for the neighborhood. The new park design boasts interconnected circular walking trails, a picnic shelter, a portable restroom facility, and multiuse lawn areas watered by an efficient solar-powered irrigation system. The park’s design also includes two unique and exciting features we are especially proud of: an accessible playground with colorful shade sails and integration with a bike skills course. 

Our team collaborated closely with a specialty recreation consultant, BPRD, and the developer to create an accessible and usable park for various ages and skill levels.


For this new neighborhood park, our civil engineers graded and installed paved paths around the site and laid out pads for the picnic and restroom shelters, and our landscape architects designed the layout of the play area. We also performed permitting and closeout for the project, which is nearing completion. In addition to the paved paths, picnic and gathering areas, and play area, Fieldstone Park features an open lawn, bike skills trail, and soft-surface trails through the natural area. Once complete, the park will be acquired by BPRD.


The construction support team played a vital role in ensuring that Fieldstone Park was completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client, City, and BPRD. 

Our team conducted frequent inspections throughout the construction process to ensure that the park’s infrastructure was built to the highest standards and implemented monthly drone flights to track progress. They also coordinated issue resolution to address any challenges during construction, working closely with the client, contractors, and BPRD to ensure that all issues were resolved promptly and cost-effectively. 

During construction, the team came up with a unique solution to disguise a significant irrigation cleanout within the grass area of the park. They installed a fake rock with additional landscaping to promptly and effectively address BPRD concerns about safety and resolve the issue. 

As the project drew to a close, the team navigated a challenging closeout process, communicating and coordinating with multiple parties to ensure that all conditions of the development agreement were met and that the park was ready for public use.