Consulting Arborist

Trees are an important component of our surroundings and provide economic, recreational, and aesthetic value to our community. However, they can also present a burden when they have structural defects, diseases, or are poorly located. Consulting arborists understand this balance and provide a valuable perspective on your project.

Our Approach

AKS’ team of Consulting Arborists and Tree Risk Assessors specialize in tree-related projects of every size. Our projects range from evaluating an old oak tree in someone’s backyard to inventorying acres of trees or developing a plan for an urban forest. Plus, our arborists are cross trained in other disciplines like forest engineering, civil engineering, or land surveying. As a result, our team understands the bigger picture in how trees will fit into the entire project. Our goal is to place the right tree in the right place.

We offer practical solutions and sound advice.

Our consulting arborist services include:
  • Tree Inventories & Planting Plans
  • Diagnoses of Tree Health & Landscape Problems
  • Hazard Tree Evaluation/Tree Risk Assessments
  • Tree Preservation, Protection, & Removal Plans, Specifications, & Permitting
  • Certified Arborist Expert Witness Testimony & Reports
  • Development of Municipal Tree Ordinances
  • Detailed Analyses of Tree Root Impacts During Construction
  • Construction Inspection
  • Impact Analyses
  • Tree & Landscape Appraisals

Recent Projects

Here is some of our recent arborist work:

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