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AKS Internship Program

The AKS Internship – it’s not your average program

The AKS Internship program is a multi-year program that builds on the lessons learned from the previous year to give you a new experience each summer. Now we’ve added more options with internships now available in civil/forest engineering, surveying, land use planning, landscape architecture, natural resources, and marketing!

The AKS Internship Program is designed to lay a foundation for future learning in the classroom and on the job. A majority of our interns participate in our program multiple summers with many choosing to start their career with AKS upon graduation. These are paid in-person internships and office locations vary.

The AKS Internship Program now includes opportunities beyond engineering/surveying! Full program information and applications are now available below and will be accepted through February 2024 for Summer 2024.

Engineering/Surveying Internship Program (almost full)

Engineering Intern-Program-Summary

Designed for: Students with declared major in civil engineering, forest engineering, environmental engineering, construction management, land surveying, or related fields

Our philosophy is that the best civil engineers have an understanding of field work, how projects are constructed, and how design translates out in the field. As a company, our focus is on quality. We want you to learn how to do things right and understand the reasons behind it. The AKS Internship Program is designed to introduce you to how survey and design relates to construction. Building this fundamental understanding of how designs translate into the field and are constructed will help you become a better engineer because you will see that a project is more than lines on paper.

Planning/Landscape Architecture Internship Program (filled for Summer 2024)

Planning Internship Program Summary

Landscape Architecture Internship Program Summary

Designed for: Students with declared majors in planning, landscape architecture, and related fields

The best planning and landscape professionals have an understanding of the land development process and how policy translates to real projects in the field. This internship will introduce you to career opportunities within the industry by working collaboratively with professionals on real projects.
For those interested in a career in planning, we want you to learn about the process and develop an understanding of the role of the planner. Planning internships are available in all offices.
For landscape architecture students, you’ll gain knowledge of the integral part the landscape architect plays in supporting project teams in the development process. The landscape internship is only available in the Vancouver office and students must have completed two years of higher education prior to the internship.

Natural Resources (almost full)

Natural Resources-Wetlands Internship Program Summary

Designed for: Students with declared majors in natural resources, wetlands, or plant biology.

Wetlands and natural areas abound in the Pacific Northwest. Protecting and preserving these areas are a critical part of the development process. This Spring-term internship will introduce you to the process and requirements of protecting these areas, provide real-world experience in wetlands working side-by-side with our professional wetland scientists, and offer insight into the collaborative role of the natural resources professional on the multidisciplinary design team. PLEASE NOTE: This internship has an early selection process as it is intended to occur during Spring Term during peak wetland delineation season. This internship is only available in the Tualatin and Keizer offices.

Marketing (filled for Summer 2024)

Marketing Internship Program Summary

Designed for: Students interested in marketing, business, public relations, communications, graphic design, or other related fields (i.e., English, history)

The AKS Marketing Internship program is intended to introduce students to the world of professional services marketing which is often not typically covered in the classroom.  Marketing for engineering, architecture, and construction (AEC) firms is a specialty industry that requires different processes and skill sets depending on the type of work a company provides. This internship will provide an overview of how firms like AKS acquire work for both public sector and private development projects. This internship is only available in the Vancouver office.

Accounting (filled for Summer 2024)

Accounting internship program summary

Designed for: Students interested in accounting, business, or related fields

Learn about the business side of professional services through this internship. You’ll be working with the Accounting team on a variety of assignments that could range from billings and accounts payable support to financial reporting. This internship is only available in the Tualatin office and is reserved for students who have completed at least two years of higher education.

General Internship Requirements

  • Must be a college student who has completed at least one year of higher education prior to participation (Accounting internship requires at least two years)
  • Apply to the program at completion of freshman year for a multi-year experience
  • Other requirements apply to each program
  • Submit completed application with resume, cover letter, and three references
  • Commit to working full-time as a paid intern for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Download the application here: Intern-Application-fillable.pdf

How to Apply

Download the application above for all internships. Complete the application and submit it with all required attachments using the link on the bottom of the program summary for your desired internship.

Application Deadlines

Applications accepted beginning: October 2, 2023

Last day to apply: February 28, 2024

Who is Eligible?

The AKS Internship Program is open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. You must have completed at least one year of higher education. Other requirements apply to the individual programs.


This is a paid internship. You will earn an hourly wage with time and a half paid for overtime.