Waverly Yacht Club Dredging Support Surveys

Portland, Oregon

Waverly Yacht Club Dredging Support SurveysAKS is currently under contract to provide construction support and survey services for the Waverly Yacht Club’s 2015 dredging and dock replacement project. Since it was last dredged approximately 10 years ago, the 160-slip yacht club has experienced extreme shoaling in portions of the marina basin, leading to problematic conditions and damage to dock structures. AKS, working for the dredging contractor, is under contract to provide a pre-dredge survey, several progress surveys, and a post-dredge survey of the areas identified for dredging. This scope of work will involve control establishment for surveys and construction, water level monitoring, general contractor assistance, and installing markers to delineate the in-water disposal site adjacent to the property in the Willamette River. AKS will utilize RTK GPS positioning equipment, manual pole sounders, and survey-grade echo sounding equipment to accurately depict the existing conditions in the marina prior to and upon completion of the dredging project, in order to estimate payment quantities and ensure that the contractor has removed all material within the dredge prism. All horizontal and vertical control establishment will be performed under the direction of an Oregon-licensed Land Surveyor and all hydrographic survey work will be performed by an American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Certified Hydrographer, in order to ensure U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ standards are met for the 30,000-cubic yard dredging project.