Clark County On-Call Land Surveying Services

AKS is currently providing on-call land surveying services to Clark County, Washington. Typical survey services provided include topographic surveying and mapping, boundary surveying (including right-of-way, easement, parcel, and road establishment), construction surveying, monument preservation surveys, and legal descriptions. The projects under this agreement have varied funding sources and require adherence to Local Agency Guidelines. Deliverables include digital files compatible with current versions of Autodesk Civil 3D, and/or paper copies, maps, field notes, raw data, etc. Projects to date include:

NE Sunset Falls Survey: AKS is currently developing cost estimates and a schedule to provide construction staking for 5 miles of rural County-owned roadway utilizing LiDAR data collected by another consultant. Our surveyors will have to work with limited mobility due to the roadway being narrow and windy with a lot of super-elevation and not much shoulder. Construction staking services are anticipated to begin in July 2015.

NE 107th Avenue Sidewalk Survey: AKS performed a topographic survey for 3/4 of a mile of County-owned sidewalk. Survey work also included establishing right-of-way, a substantial amount of monumentation, legal descriptions and filing a record of survey with Clark County. Our survey services were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

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