Josephine Estates Subdivision

Clackamas County, OR

AKS provided feasibility services, land use planning services, natural resource consulting services, landscape architecture services, land surveying services, and civil engineering services for a challenging residential project in unincorporated Clackamas County. The land use application included a 36 lot subdivision and natural resource permits (Habitat Conservation Area and Floodplain Management) due to the property’s proximity to Kellog Creek. Once the project was approved, AKS prepared construction drawings, which included earthwork/grading, new public streets, and public services and utilities, in addition to an off-site flashing beacon (to provide for safe pedestrian crossing of SE Webster Road). AKS worked with the developer and general contractor providing construction surveying (staking) and construction support/administration services based on the approved plans.

AKS Services:

Land Use Planning
Land Surveying
Site Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture 
Natural Resources
Flood Elevation Surveying & Permitting