Capital Manor Memory Care Expansion Project

Project Completed: March 2021

Capital Manor Memory Care

Capital Manor is a Life Plan Community located in Salem, Oregon, that has been serving the local senior community for over 60 years. To better serve its residents, Capital Manor partnered with our team and LRS Architects to expand its existing campus in a multiphase project. The expansion included the addition of a new memory care facility that added 27,000 square feet of secure living quarters for residents, as well as the redevelopment of an 18-lot subdivision into newly constructed independent townhomes that bring improved living and community services to potential residents. A new parking lot was also added to serve the Memory Care and Manor Care building. Additionally, existing parking lots were reconfigured and reconstructed for added efficiency and to provide better access for residents and visitors, while also improving stormwater drainage and stormwater quality.


Our civil engineering team was vital in this multiphase project for Capital Manor Memory Care. The project had three significant components: 

  • Constructing the memory care addition and parking lot 
  • Redeveloping 34 units of the Manor Care Building  
  • Designing a new southwest parking lot and access improvements that serve the Memory Care and Manor Care buildings  

The project was extremely complex, with significant design and sequencing challenges, as the redevelopment and improvements required doing work over an existing public right-of-way and existing public utilities. Additionally, site improvements had to be done on a relatively steep site design for a senior community, and because of this, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) considerations were a critical component. The portion of the project fronting on Oregon Route 22 (OR 22) involved property line reconfiguration, right-of-way vacation, and realignment of the development’s public storm, water, and sewer mains while preserving mature oak trees valued by the Captial Manor residents. Driven by our expertise and a creative, solution-oriented approach, we overcame these challenges and successfully completed this complex project.


Our land use planning team played a significant role in this project by submitting several land use applications such as zoning change, replat, Class 1 and 2 adjustments, and modification of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) plan. Additionally, we submitted three site plan review applications and design reviews for the parking lots.  

The project was of significant public interest, particularly the memory care upgrades. Our team worked hard to submit a final land use application that included the following components: 

  • 34 residential villas with 142 square feet of private open space 
  •  119,023 square feet of landscaping, covering about 42 percent of the site 
  • 117,924 square feet of common open space, covering 42 percent of the site 
  • 2,322-square-foot adult recreation area 
  • Internal pedestrian path network linking residences and open spaces 
  • 34 parking spaces in attached garages 
  • 14 parking spaces on the internal accessways 
  • 6-foot-high metal and stone fence surrounding the property