Dwyer Creek Business Park

Project Completed: July 2021

Dwyer Creek Business Park

Our team completed the design and planning for the Dwyer Creek Business Center project, a vibrant 10-acre campus-style development in Camas, Washington. We brought our client’s vision to life by leveraging our expertise in surveying, civil engineering design, land use planning, and landscape architecture.  

Phase 1 represents a significant achievement, highlighted by the completion of a three-story, 85,000-square-foot mixed-use tilt-up building. Due to the site’s topography, a large retaining wall was required to maximize the usable area. The new building is complemented by crucial site enhancements, including utilities, landscaping, stormwater design, and parking facilities.  

Our dedication to excellence and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. The Dwyer Creek Business Center project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results, setting a new standard for the region’s functional and aesthetically pleasing commercial developments.


Our civil engineering team spearheaded the design and implementation of essential infrastructure for the three-phase, 10-acre campus-style development. One of the notable challenges our team faced was the integration of wet utilities and stormwater management systems to ensure efficient operation and environmental sustainability. Close collaboration with the City of Camas facilitated the extension of public water mains and high-pressure sanitary sewer lines, overcoming regulatory hurdles and ensuring compliance with local ordinances. Topography challenges also required our team to find a strategic placement of a large retaining wall to maximize the usable space and enhance the overall efficiency of the business center.  

The successful completion of Phase 1, marked by the construction of a three-story, 85,000-square-foot mixed-use tilt-up building, is a testament to our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results. 


Our surveyors performed topographic and boundary surveying for this mixed-use business center development and provided legal descriptions and exhibits to record proposed utility easements on the site.


The landscape planting plan for this campus-style development included a parking lot, foundation, and buffer plantings to add visual appeal to the area and a stormwater facility planting plan. To mitigate the removal of 11 trees in the wetland buffer, our landscape team created a mitigation plan that replaced the removed trees with 22 western red cedars.