Happy Valley Crossroads East

Project Completed: Spring 2022

Happy Valley East, LLC; Gramor Development; The Springs Living, LLC

Happy Valley Crossroads East is an innovative development that integrates seamlessly into the fast-growing Happy Valley community, offering a dynamic blend of residential, office, and commercial spaces. Spanning across the strategically designed mixed-use site, Crossroads East caters to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring a lively and enriching environment for all. From enticing dining options to upscale shopping experiences, services, and modern living spaces to cutting-edge office facilities, the development offers convenience and luxury in one accessible location. 

This project was particularly complex because it required working with two different clients—one for the retail component and one for the senior living and memory care facilities. The development also involved street realignment, relocating public utilities, grading challenges, and working during the summer and on weekends to avoid interfering with traffic going to and from a nearby school. 

Our collaboration with Gramor Development and The Springs Living was founded on our shared commitment to fostering success beyond mere infrastructure. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Happy Valley Crossroads East embodies the essence of modern living, setting new standards for community engagement and urban development.

Picture of a restaurant with a residential building in the background


Our civil engineering team has been integral to the success and transformation of this development over the years, working closely with clients throughout the project cycle to navigate complexities and deliver innovative solutions. Originally conceived as a grocery anchor with commercial establishments, the project evolved into a multifaceted endeavor, incorporating a retirement center and memory care facility alongside various retail businesses.  

Happy Valley Crossroads East evolved from a two-permit initiative into a six-permit project involving two public and three private permits. Our team facilitated a forward-thinking design that considered the City’s master-planned arterial and roundabout improvements in steep terrain. Additionally, the realignment of SE Vogel Road required careful consideration of established right-of-way lines, existing utilities, and existing access locations. We also tackled site location challenges involving grading and earthwork, where our expertise was crucial in directing new and existing runoff to vegetated stormwater planters and interceptor swales while adhering to the client’s desire to limit excessive earthwork, ensuring environmental sustainability while also meeting the client’s preferences.   

Throughout the project’s phased construction, our civil engineering services encompassed comprehensive design solutions, ensuring Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and supporting the development’s multifaceted goals. From road infrastructure to stormwater management and street construction plans, our commitment to excellence and creative problem-solving enabled us to deliver significant infrastructure improvements, transforming Happy Valley Crossroads East into a vibrant hub for senior living, office space, and retail destinations.


Our land use planning team was instrumental in navigating the regulatory landscape for the Happy Valley Crossroads East project. We adeptly prepared and submitted land use applications, which included a zoning map amendment, partition plat, commercial subdivision, and site design review applications tailored to the project’s needs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.  

A key aspect of our contribution was strategically relocating the senior housing/assisted living facility plan within the development. This adjustment, aligned with City’s objectives for roadway widening and a roundabout intersection, optimized the project’s footprint and increased retail space. Our efforts culminated in a comprehensive planning application for the final development, encompassing a 172-unit housing development, retail spaces, landscaping, pedestrian pathways, parking facilities, underground utilities, and an interconnected pedestrian circulation system.


Our construction support team was integral in overseeing the implementation of Happy Valley Crossroads East, a multifaceted project encompassing commercial, retail, senior living, and memory care components. Throughout the construction phase, we provided comprehensive services to ensure the project’s success and adherence to quality standards.  

Our team facilitated client correspondence and representation at key meetings, serving as a liaison between stakeholders to ensure clear communication and alignment of project objectives. Additionally, we performed rigorous inspection services on public and private improvements, meticulously assessing the quality and compliance of on-site infrastructure, including stormwater management systems, and performing Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) 1200-C stormwater discharge permit and erosion control inspections in accordance with DEQ requirements.  

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our construction support team masterfully coordinated a variety of tasks to carry out this project by addressing contractor requests for information, reviewing contractor submittals and shop drawings, performing inspections, reviewing change orders, and attending site meetings to coordinate and track progress, schedules, and costs. Most importantly, our construction management team worked diligently to find solutions to inevitable construction challenges as they arose.  

In addition, we performed several franchise (dry) utility tasks, including design/review coordination, holding on-site dry utility pre-construction meetings, and coordinating closeout of franchise utility provider installation so that service would be ready to be provided to lots and streetlights.  

By ensuring all these tasks were performed on time and upholding industry standards, our construction support team ultimately delivered on the vision of creating a vibrant and sustainable community hub.


Our land surveying services were instrumental in shaping the foundation of Happy Valley Crossroads East, ensuring accuracy throughout the development process and facilitating seamless integration of design elements. We conducted topographic surveys to inform design decisions, property boundary surveys for the outer boundary of the plat, and commercial subdivision plat preparation to meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, we facilitated property line adjustments and replat surveys to optimize space for tenants. Our team also played a crucial role in preparing legal descriptions for easement acquisition and road dedication and preparing right-of-way vacation documentation for the City while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.   

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and expertise, our land surveying team was indispensable in ensuring regulatory compliance and precision at every stage of Happy Valley Crossroads East’s development, contributing significantly to its success and long-term viability.