OHSU SW Campus Drive Survey

Project Completed: 2022

Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) partnered with our survey team to support its Doernbecher Children’s Hospital expansion project. OHSU wanted to add an elevated building over the existing parking lot that matched the upper floors of the existing facility. To support the design of the facility, OHSU needed a complete topographic base map of the existing grades, improvements, and underground infrastructure, as well as comprehensive data on the existing aboveground building, including the building outline at multiple levels and finished floor elevations of the top six floors.


This project involved a thorough search for all information regarding existing underground utilities and infrastructure. The existing layout for this site is unique, with a public entryway at the basement level, the third floor, and the tenth floor. There were many design constraints and challenges for the original designers and contractors, and it was important that our team understood how the building and parking lot were currently serviced.

A conventional robotic total station approach was used to map the upper parking lot, forested slopes, lower parking lot and entrance, and lower access road. This ensured our control network and all the critical tie-in data were precise and design quality.

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Terrestrial scanning was utilized to capture the elevated building faces as they varied between floors, creating multiple aerial tie-in locations. This approach allowed us to map the variable levels and building faces planimetrically with high precision and provide a high-density point cloud of the building relative to our control network. With the scan data relative to the control network, the engineers could explore the point cloud, extract any necessary data, and seamlessly add it to the CAD drawings.