Parkway Village

Project Completed: Phase 1: Fall 2014; Phase 2: In Progress

Langer Family, LLC

Parkway Village is a new mixed-use commercial center in Sherwood, Oregon, that was constructed in two phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2014 and spans 19.7 acres. Phase 2 is 15.5 acres and includes Langer’s Entertainment Center, a 92,899-square-foot amusement center that offers laser tag, bowling, rock wall climbing, and dining, which was completed in 2020. The remaining elements of Phase 2 are currently under construction. This shopping destination is located along SW Langer Farms Parkway and features over 190,655 square feet of retail space, comprising six retail buildings and an anchor tenant. In addition to a thoughtfully designed, expansive outdoor plaza, the town center also includes captivating water features, sculptures, ample outdoor seating and dining areas, and well-planned pedestrian pathways.  

Parkway Village strives to be a welcome addition that offers a range of shopping and dining options to the growing community in Sherwood. Our collaboration with the Langer family ensured that the site amenities seamlessly integrated with the town center’s overall vision and goals for the site.


Our civil engineers spearheaded site design efforts, covering stormwater drainage, utilities, parking areas, pedestrian walkways, and an extension of SW Century Drive. Notably, our contributions extended to the design of a regional stormwater facility. Our team discovered that the new streamlined design could serve more than a 100-acre basin by consolidating the existing facilities and creating 50 acres of developable land. 

Throughout the project, we diligently obtained permits from regulatory bodies such as the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL), USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers), and Clean Water Services (CWS). We coordinated seamlessly with various agencies, ensuring compliance and smooth construction processes.


Our land use planning team facilitated the realization of this project with thorough planning and coordination. Leveraging our expertise, we conducted a comprehensive Similar Use Interpretation based on a 1995 Planned Unit Development (PUD) and a 2010 Development agreement, establishing the Entertainment Center as permitted under the previous City code.  

Further, we orchestrated a strategic five-lot subdivision plan, laying the groundwork for future commercial and retail ventures, complete with shared access and parking facilities to increase convenience and accessibility.  

Our planners also oversaw the Site Plan Review processes, ensuring compliance and optimizing functionality for approximately 33,000 square feet of planned retail space and the sprawling 92,899-square-foot Langer’s Entertainment Center. Through close collaboration with architects and landscape architects, we curated an inviting and pedestrian-friendly environment, strategically separating vehicle parking from pedestrian facilities to enhance safety and create an appealing ambiance.  

We’re happy to share that the Sherwood Planning Commission approved our plans unanimously, demonstrating the effectiveness of our planning team’s rigorous QA/QC process.


Our construction surveying team has been involved in all phases of development of this retail center project, having performed construction staking on all phases, including phases currently in development. 


Our land surveying team played a vital role in the development of this town center project. We performed topographic surveying to supplement an existing topographic survey and established control for boundary surveying. Additionally, we platted all sites for the project and produced as-built drawings as well. 


In the development of the new commercial center, our arborists worked alongside the entire project team to preserve and nurture the existing trees on the site. We began by conducting a tree inventory, assessing each tree’s species, health, and condition. This comprehensive assessment served as the foundation for our subsequent planning efforts, allowing us to develop a tailored tree preservation plan. 

We also worked with the project team to ensure compliance with jurisdictional requirements. This included ensuring all tree preservation, pruning, and protection activities adhered to regulatory standards, and maintaining the integrity of the project while safeguarding the natural environment. 

Throughout the construction process, our arborists provided invaluable oversight. By conducting regular observations, we advised the contractor on best practices for tree preservation, offering guidance to mitigate potential risks and ensure the continued health and vitality of the trees.


Our landscape architecture team played a pivotal role in the development of the new commercial center along SW Langer Farms Parkway in collaboration with the Langer family. For Phase 1, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive landscape planting plan that transformed the 19.7-acre site into a welcoming and visually appealing environment. 

Our team designed a thoughtful landscape planting plan that encompassed various areas of the site, including the parking lot, building foundations, and buffer zones. By selecting appropriate plant species and strategically placing them, we enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the commercial center while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

In addition to the planting plan, we provided landscape details to guide the implementation and maintenance of landscape elements. These details ensured that the vision for the commercial center’s outdoor spaces was realized with precision and consistency, from selecting the right materials to outlining maintenance requirements.  

Through our expertise in landscape architecture, we have contributed to creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere at the new commercial center, enhancing its overall appeal and contributing to the success of the project.