Petrosa Master Plan

Project Completed: In Progress

Pahlisch Homes, Inc.; PHI Commercial Builders

Petrosa is one of the fastest-growing master-planned communities in Bend, Oregon. Residents will enjoy having easy access to various trails and parks, public transit, dining favorites, and shopping. Considering that master-planned communities like Petrosa will vastly increase the population of northeast Bend, accommodation in roadways and traffic control were a top priority. Working alongside the Pahlisch team and City of Bend, our team provided a comprehensive design to safely connect the expanding community through roadways, roundabouts, bike paths, and pedestrian sidewalks. These concepts were implemented to create a smooth transition from residential areas to the bustling town’s features and amenities, creating a stronger sense of unity between the communities of Bend. 


Our planning team submitted the Master Community Master Plan application to the City of Bend on behalf of Pahlisch for the 189-acre community. When complete, it will include about 1,100 residential units, a 20-acre commercial center, a 5-acre public park, and a 10-acre site for a future elementary school. While developing the master plan, our planners worked to maximize opportunities to connect the development to nearby amenities, such as parks, public transit, and bike paths, to provide high-quality recreation opportunities for residents and visitors. 

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Transportation Improvements

The planned transportation improvements, combined with the internal circulation system and street cross sections, will support the mix of uses within Petrosa while also improving connectivity and the functionality of critical transportation facilities within northeast Bend. In addition to this, roundabouts at the Eagle Road gateway and southwest and northwest corners of the community will create opportunities for placemaking—desirable public spaces that promote a strong sense of community.

Petrosa Commercial Center

The 20-acre commercial center anchors the southwest corner of the project with frontage on two Minor Arterials—Deschutes Market Road and Butler Market Road—and the Eagle Road neighborhood route. Local market analysis shows high demand in the area for a grocery-anchored retail center. Moving north from Butler Market Road, higher-intensity retail uses will transition to a more neighborhood-oriented scale, with a pedestrian-friendly shopping street framed by mixed-use buildings, live-work townhomes, and outdoor spaces, creating a vibrant atmosphere ideal for hosting festivals, farmers markets, and similar civic events.


Our landscape architects collaborated with our civil and land use planning teams in the master planning of this large community in Northeast Bend. The community features many connected open spaces, walking trails and canal views, a community clubhouse with outdoor pool, pocket parks, and road frontage with two roundabouts. Plantings were selected based on Central Oregon’s unique climate to provide seasonal color and interest, along with native plants to increase habitat value. 

Additionally, our landscape architects and civil engineers provided complete services for the new Fieldstone Park as the crowning jewel in the community. This neighborhood park is nearing completion and will be handed over to the City of Bend after completion for the enjoyment of everyone in the community.


Our civil engineering team has been part of this master-planned project from the very beginning. Our work on this 189-acre planned community has included grading, erosion and sediment control, utilities, and roadways. Roadway improvements completed by our team include the Butler Market-Deschutes Market Roundabout and the Butler Market-Eagle Road Roundabout, with a third roundabout at Yeoman-Deschutes Market currently in the works. In addition to the usual work required for roundabout construction, these required additional coordination and advance planning because construction required utility relocations.  

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The piping of the Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) Canal presented unique challenges because it had a specific construction window, and we had to maintain services to existing properties during construction. The installation of the sewer main under the North Unit Irrigation District (NUID) Canal also presented unique obstacles for our team because it required coordination and permitting through the Bureau of Reclamation, and the existing canal was in poor condition.

Once the canals were surveyed, we designed a new public roadway bridge and created a sanitary sewer crossing under the concrete-lined canals. Our team is collaborating with the NUID and the Bureau of Reclamation to obtain all necessary permits for the proposed work within the canal right-of-way. The smaller canal is in the middle of the project site and receives approximately 10 cubic feet of water per second. We have worked closely with the irrigation district to plan and coordinate all work affecting the irrigation facilities. Currently, we are in the process of working with the district to pipe and relocate the canal through the project site.


As a part of the Petrosa master-planned development in Bend, our surveying team worked substantially on the two canals that flow through the large planned community. The larger canals are 50 feet wide, handle over 1,100 cubic feet of water per second, and run through the northeast portion of the site. We also provided a complete ground survey for over 2,500 feet of the canals and an aerial drone survey of the entire 175-acre project site.  


The project site contained several irrigation ponds, main irrigation canals, laterals, and sub-laterals within the North Unit Irrigation District (NUID) and Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID). Our natural resource team prepared submittals to the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to receive approved non-jurisdictional determination of these artificially created features.