Prairie Electric Site Plan

Project Completed: January 2022

Prairie Electric

Prairie Electric’s newly developed headquarters is now nestled in the community of Ridgefield, Washington. Prairie Electric serves the Vancouver and Portland metro areas with expert electrical craftsmanship for residential and commercial projects. This development comprises a 142,000-square-foot two-story building with offices, a warehouse, light manufacturing facilities, a mechanic shop, and an employee gym and fitness space. In addition to this, the site offers convenient truck-loading areas, an outdoor storage area, a parking lot, a stormwater pond, site buffer landscaping, water, and sanitary sewer.  

Our collaboration with Prairie Electric was founded on a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and getting the job done. As the driving force behind this project’s civil engineering, land surveying, land use planning, and landscape architecture services, we worked with the Prairie Electric team to develop a site that reflects their dedication to excellence. Together, we’ve engineered a headquarters that is a testament to our collective vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


To help Prairie Electric best serve employees and customers using their new headquarters, our civil engineers designed the campus’s 202-stall parking infrastructure, including seven Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stalls to meet accessibility requirements; 16 bicycle parking spaces; and right-of-way dedication and frontage improvements to the frontage road minor arterial, N 85th Avenue. We also designed on-site stormwater collection and conveyance facilities, as well as an off-site stormwater wet pond used for treatment and detention.   

Civil work also encompassed sanitary sewer and water system design. Sewer design for this project included the design of a service lateral and calculations to confirm that the existing pump station had the capacity to meet Clark Regional Wastewater District (CRWWD) standards to support the site. We connected Prairie Electric to the Clark Public Utilities water main for the development’s water system design with a system expansion to serve the site for fire protection and domestic service.


Our land surveying team played a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy and compliance of the Prairie Electric headquarters project. They conducted a thorough topographic survey, mapping out the site’s terrain and elevation contours, providing crucial data for design and construction planning. Additionally, our surveyors performed boundary surveys, facilitating necessary adjustments to meet regulatory requirements and ensure seamless integration with the project’s footprint.  

Throughout the project lifecycle, our surveying team upheld the highest standards of precision and diligence. They prepared a survey Map of Dedication to assess property boundaries, easements, and dedications, while as-built surveys ensured construction conformed to approved plans. Their meticulous efforts provided essential documentation, mitigated risks, and ensured compliance, underscoring our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the Prairie Electric headquarters’ development.


Our construction team provided staking for the building grid, curb, detached sidewalk, light poles, sanitary and stormwater sewers, sediment fence, water line, PUD utility trench, and wetland buffer limits. They also marked out property boundaries and provided locations of natural resource monuments and assisted with control of alignment and grading during construction.  


Our landscape architecture team played a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic and functional aspects of Prairie Electric’s new headquarters. One of our primary tasks was to develop a comprehensive landscape planting plan encompassing various areas, including the parking lot, building, and buffer zones. Through careful selection of plant species and strategic placement, we balanced functionality with enhancing the site’s natural beauty. 

Additionally, our team collaborated with our engineers to develop a stormwater facility planting plan to mitigate the environmental impact of stormwater runoff. By incorporating native vegetation with innovative planting techniques, we improved the functionality of the stormwater facilities and contributed to the overall ecological balance of the site. 

Finally, our attention to detail was evident in our creation of the landscape details, where we meticulously crafted specifications and guidelines for implementing landscape elements.


Our land use planning team played a critical role in navigating regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance during the development of the new headquarters. Our scope included site plan review, encompassing activities such as grading permit application, critical area review, and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review. We liaised with the City to review and approve key submissions, including the final site, engineering, landscape, and lighting plans. Additionally, our team prepared essential reports, including the Stormwater Technical Information Report (TIR) and SEPA checklist. Through meticulous attention to detail and expertise in navigating regulatory frameworks, we facilitated a smooth and compliant development process for Prairie Electric.