Stoller Family Estate

Project Completed: July 2020

Perlo Construction; Pihl, Inc.; Mildren Design Group 

AKS has provided our expertise to the Stoller Family Estate winery projects since 2015. Our team has provided comprehensive civil engineering, land surveying, construction surveying, and construction support services for several projects and phases for Stoller.  

We helped design a new production building, a facility for bottling and storing wine, and a tasting room with an outdoor amphitheater and patio. Throughout our collaboration with Stoller, we ensured that all the site improvements were designed to meet production needs, adhered to local regulations, and provided a memorable experience for visitors. We also significantly improved truck access and the fire pond, ensuring the facility’s safety. 

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As a team, we recognize the significant impact impervious areas can have on our environment. With the projects on the site adding a considerable amount of pavement, rooftop area, and sidewalks, we remained extra diligent during the design phases to ensure that we were responsible stewards of our environment. We understand the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, so we take great care to design projects that minimize impervious areas and incorporate sustainable features, like stormwater facilities that function to meet regulatory requirements but are also aesthetically pleasing. By doing so, we can help reduce the negative impacts of impervious surfaces and ensure that our projects are functional and environmentally responsible.

Coming soon: a new tasting room on the north side of Newberg that will require our full range of services to complete.

Photo credit to Mindy O’Connor Gimarelli


Production Building: Our civil engineering team conducted a site analysis and designed the new production building’s safe and functional site layout. The work was particularly challenging due to the site’s topography, roughly 70 feet of elevation difference, and several existing structures critical to the Stoller Family history. Despite these challenges, the team prepared the site, grading, and drainage plans, improving truck access and maneuverability and maintaining the integrity of existing structures.

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Bottle & Case Storage Facility: We also worked with Stoller to design and develop a new bottle and case storage facility that improved its output capacity. Our team conducted a thorough site analysis, designed the site layout, and created grading, utility, and drainage plans that catered to the site’s unique topography. The work was similar to what was done for the production building, and despite the challenges, our team created a design that improved the overall functionality of the facility.

Fire Pond: After dealing with erosion problems in its fire pond and installing a liner, Stoller contacted us for additional help. We worked together to find a solution and recommended installing stone boulders that added visual appeal and interest and prevented further erosion. This reconstruction was also integrated with an existing drainageway, creating a new pathway and pedestrian overlook. Our recommendations helped Stoller enhance the fire pond’s overall look while keeping it safe and functional.

Tasting Room & Outdoor Amphitheater: In addition to the site layout, grading, drainage, and utility plans, we also ensured that the new tasting room, outdoor amphitheater, and patio were fully accessible to individuals with disabilities by providing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility features. This included ADA parking spaces and ADA ramps leading into the building and the outdoor patio area. These features were added to ensure everyone can easily access and enjoy the new space regardless of physical abilities. Our team takes pride in providing inclusive designs that cater to the needs of all individuals.


The initial surveying effort started in 2015 when the site looked more like a farm than a scenic vineyard site. Our efforts included establishing property boundaries, easements, and road rights-of-way. Additionally, the topographic mapping effort included mapping all aboveground and belowground features. Some of the features we mapped included barns, the Stoller Estate house, access ways, significant and historical trees, and the grass fields where the production, bottling, and case facilities and fire pond currently reside.


Our construction staking team worked closely with the contractor to provide stakes for every improvement to the site. This included building layout, driveway and parking lots, weigh scales, and all utilities throughout the site.


Our staff provided support throughout construction. This included reviewing and responding to product submittals and ensuring top-quality products were used to meet the design intent. We also responded to contractor RFIs in a timely manner, helping keep the project on schedule and pivoting when unforeseen conditions would arise.