Wilsonville Reservoir Transmission Main Survey

Project Completed: March 2023

City of Wilsonville

Our team was hired as a subcontractor to provide surveying services to support the design of a new reservoir installed on a property in Sherwood, Oregon. The new D-110 3.0 MG reservoir will sit near an existing barn, and about 4,000 feet of 24-inch ductile iron transmission main will connect the new reservoir to the existing distribution system.

After taking the time to understand the prime contractor’s needs, our surveying team created a plan to work safely and efficiently while delivering quality data.   


Our land surveying team provided a topographic survey of the entire reservoir site (12771 SW Tooze Road), including a large lot owned by the City and the road that leads to the lot. While collecting the necessary data, our team used conventional topographic methods (robotic total stations) in sensitive areas of the reservoir site and the road segments with obstructions. They also collaborated with our drone team to capture the aerial and lidar data needed to build planimetric and surface data. After our crew gathered all the necessary data, our office surveyors integrated the data points into one overall surface, packaged the deliverable, and passed it off to the prime contractor.